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You will find here great articles about Internet Marketing or working at home, since I'm not a good writer myself I asked my friends for their permission to publish their articles on my site. I was lucky they gave me the permission to it. Enjoy reading them, be sure to bookmark this site, I'll update it as soon as I get more approvals. If you are a article writer please send me a email to and I'll look at your articles and if they are good I will add them here.

Nick Grimshawe Marthe Dumas Jerokiah Darr Les Stevens
Nick Grimshawe Marthe Dumas Jerokiah Darr Les Stevens

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Marthe Dumas
Where is the grant prize page
Author: Marthe Dumas
Date: 2013-02-22

Where is the grant prize page

Are you surprise by the title of this article? I'm not and I tell you why. Today I saw someone in a traffic exchange chat asking how to make money in traffic exchange and when people explain about prize page, that person said that she hoped to make a grant with those page. Other people in the chat didn't know what to answer to that probably thinking the person was joking except one who said that will never happen.

However, I'm not so sure that it was only a joke. Why? Because people don't know what is a traffic exchange and how to make money with them. And the most incredible part is that every traffic exchange has a FAQ section or/and a description of what is a traffic exchange on the home page or member area. All they remember is the splash page made by someone where they show the only prize page they ever got with a $10 on it, that make them sign for that TE. People don't take the time to read, to explore their member area when they sign in in a new site, traffic exchange or any other kind of site for that matter.

That's where the problem is. And after that they wonder why they don't make money online. A traffic exchange is a site to advertize. Yes, we can make money but not with the prize page. We make money with putting work in getting referrals. The more referrals we get, the more chance we have that a percentage of those referral will upgrade, buy credits, start page when that is an option. The commission is the prime source of income in traffic exchange. And even with that, I don't know anyone who makes thousands of dollars each month, except if they have huge downline in a lot of traffic exchanges with a high percentage of people who are upgrade.

So, we have to be realistic. Yes, we can make money in traffic exchange but we won't become millionaire. However, free traffic to our ads, our opportunity, that, that worth a lot of money. Take only one example. With the number of PV that you get for you ads in a week for free, just by clicking to get credits to show them, would cost you a fortune if you would put the same ad in a newspaper or a specialize magazine in online marketing. That kind of advertising as no price. So, use the traffic exchange for what they are: advertising site not, like Barry Langdon of SocialSurf4U said once in his blog, it's not a "money exchange"

Marthe Dumas
Who do you want to reach with your ads
Author: Marthe Dumas
Date: 2012-10-26

Who do you want to reach with your ads

To be able to make money online, you need to have ads to present your opportunity, your business or your site. Without advertising, it’s like shouting in the middle of the desert. However making a splash or a webpage demand a little reflection before doing it.

One of the important things that we must keep in mind is ‘’Who do I want to reach with my ad’’. Do I want to reach teenagers, adults, male, female, older people a specific group like those who like music or books, everybody? Except if you are in a very specific field like music, you want to reach as much people as you can. So, you want to be able to reach everybody.

Let see an example of how an ad is made can make a difference between selling, getting referrals or not. Few years back, Pepsi made a tv commercial with Michael Jackson in one of his concert. Where I live, in the province of Quebec, Canada, that ad didn’t work. It didn’t really bring more sales of Pepsi. So, Pepsi have asked people from here to make a commercial. They have used a stand up comic from here; prepare a commercial with humor in it and bingo. The sales of Pepsi went to the roof. Why? Because humor is a good seller in the province of Quebec. You see how crucial it is to know who you want to reach in your ad.

It is the same thing if you want to reach men and women since both do online marketing. If you use a nude woman with a panel in front of her, it is not sure that women will click on your ad or splash. Men will like if it is a man that is naked, the women will click also. So, working that way you lose half the population. There are ads out there with woman in bikini or man dress with just jeans but there is an artistic side of it. It glorifies the body and not using it as an object. Because if you use the body as an object, it is that object that people will want to buy at the subconscious level, not your product.

Don’t believe me? Let me tell you another little story. I have a friend who was selling motorcycle and they were using a woman practically naked to sell their product.
One day, a man came to the store to get the girl. Sure he liked the bike but it was the woman that he wanted. So, he went away, frustrated and never bought anything there. So, yes those kind of ads will bring you visitors but ask yourself, do they come to see my opportunity, product or site or once they have click on it and see that there are no naked woman or man the other side, they will close the window?

Marthe Dumas
Internet Marketing and Email Subject
Author: Marthe Dumas
Date: 2012-10-07

Internet Marketing and Email Subject

It is amazing how some people still don’t understand how important it is to be professional when you work online and it is especially visible in email subject or even in the email address some used to send their ads to other people. When safe-lists are used, we often find a warning about what kind of email subject are not acceptable. However, when some people send email from their own address, they don’t seem to care about ethic or professionalism and put subject in their email that are misleading.

It is question here about email subject that makes the receiver thinks that he has a commission, or a problem with is Paypal account, a confirmation email, an email of activation, payment pending, warning about your Paypal account been compromise and so on and so on.

Some more examples:

Your PayPal Account is Ready. Confirm Account Before. New Facebook Message (1) (It’s not from Facebook). Suspicious account activity. Paypal Approved... ( and it comes under the mane Paypal Alert. Nothing to do with Paypal). Congratulations YOU have a $5,000 check waiting !!. You’re almost done! Activate Your Subscription. Refund Request. A New subscriber just opt in. New referral added to your downline. You’ve got money. New subscription notification. We’re transferring money to your bank. Information you requested and so on and so on.

Finally, there are those email with no subject or subject like ‘’Safdsadf‘’ or my favorite one "Hey man" (this one forgot that there are also women working online). There is even people who use email address that can mislead the receiver like or If people using those kind of subject in their email or misleading email address think that they will succeed online and make sales, they must think a second time. People do not like to me mislead. They don’t like to feel stupid for falling for that kind of subject email. It is the worse way to have people read your email and on top of that the people who used them can be accused of spam and misrepresentation.

So, be professional if you want to really work in online marketing. Stop thinking that people are stupid and will be so happy to receive your email after one or two with misleading subject. All they will do is unsubscribe from your list and your reputation will be in jeopardy.

Nick Grimshawe
Five Key Internet Marketing Tips
Author: Nick Grimshawe
Date: 2012-08-02

Five Key Internet Marketing Tips

Quite often people start out with visions of money rolling into their bank account in a continuous stream with little work or effort. Quite recently, on a launch of a new product there was a clip of just such a thing happening. However, before your eyes pop out of your head at such income possibilities, you need to understand some basic tips and tools.

Tip Number One:

I call it The-don't-jump-into-the-lake-before-you-can-swim tip.

Probably the biggest mistake most new Internet marketers do is to join everything. Don't do that. When you first start all those pie in the sky promises are very irresistible. Grit you teeth, keep your mouth and wallet firmly closed, and don't bite. Take some time to look around at the offerings. Look for programs that offer a lot of personal support, rather than hooking up with a fully automated system. You want a site that teaches you the basics: what is email marketing, what is the policy on spam, how to generate leads, how to write a good follow up letter. When you think you are ready join one program and stick with it. This brings me to:

Tip Number Two:

Hit and Run is not a business plan.

This is the dog bone reflected in the water story. You know the one. A dog with a very nice and adequate bone in his mouth looks at his reflection in the water while crossing a bridge. The reflected bone looks bigger so he drops the real bone to grab the bigger bone, only too late realizing his error. Result, a sorry dog without a bone. The tendency to hop from one program to another is, I suppose, human. Try not to be human. Stick with your program and give it a chance to work for you. Put on blinkers. Don't read all those offers flooding into your email. If they are good programs, they will be there for you if you do finally decide a program is not working for you. Remember most brick and mortar businesses loose money their first year. I'm not saying you have to stick with a program for a year if it doesn't seem to be working. But before you decide to try something else, stop and ask yourself if you have honestly done everything possible to make the business work? Have you done the grunt work? If you've been playing computer games when you should have been following up a lead, you haven't given your business a fair shake.

Tip Number Three:

Don't Put the Horse before the Cart

By now, you are thinking I am cliche• ridden. Nevertheless, cliche• s are popular for one simple reason, they succinctly sum up an idea or situation. I use number three in many of my ads because many people have a Cart full of goodies and no horse. In this case, the horse is your Contact list, your customer list, your list of clients. Do you have one? If the answer is no, stop every other thing you are doing and work to build your list. If you spend a year doing nothing but developing a list, you would be better off in the end. How do your build a contact list? That's a whole other subject. A subject you should be passionately following if you are new.

Tip Number Four:

Don't be cheap.

Regular brick and mortar businesses spend thousands and thousands of dollars before they even open their doors. I know this is why you are here. You don't have that kind of capital. So do you think you can build a business on the net for free or next to no investment. Many thousands of people do. I know I've talk to hundreds and hundreds of them who drop out or hang up because you just asked them for $200 dollars to sign up for your product. Suddenly you are some scuzzy scam artist trying to take money out of the mouths of babies. I've been called a snake in the grass on more than one occasion simply because I asked for $48.00 for a get you started package. I am not saying you have to spend a fortune. If you follow tips number one, two, and three, you won't waste any money either.

Tip Number Five:

Develop a hard ass winning attitude.

If you cannot bare disappointment, if you are easily discourage, if your ego is as delicate as butterfly wings, you won't make it unless you toughen your inner resolve. You've heard, (here I go again), the cliche• , Attitude is everything. It's not a cliche• . It's the truth. There are a many brilliant books out there to help you. If you've never read a self-help book in your life now is the time to start. Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" is a great place to start. Persistence is your most important weapon as an Internet marketer. Okay, square those shoulders, lift up your chin, and get to work. I can't promise you millions, but I can say this. You have started down a road full of adventure and learning to last you many life times. You are going to grow and stretch out beyond your comfort zone, and you are going to get rich, rich in experience, personal growth and development and rich in the friends you will undoubtedly make along the way.

Enjoy the journey.

Nick Grimshawe

Nick Grimshawe
Are You Keeping Score?
Author: Nick Grimshawe
Date: 2012-07-27

Are You Keeping Score?

How many new leads have you generated today? This week? This month? Don't know the answer, then you need to find away to keep score of all your important statistics. How do you know if your marketing is working? How do you push to improve your results? What are the important measurables for you?

Every business is different, and every human being is different so we have different priorities. Let me assume for the moment that you are an internet marketer. Key to successful internet marketing is your contact list. Another key would be the number of leads you are generating. Leads are the life blood of your business.

How about why you are in the internet marketing business to begin with...number of quality hours spent with your family, working on your hobby, vacations. All of these things can be measured. You can go crazy and try to measure everything, or you can select the top 5 most important areas in which you want to measure your successes. Notice I keep saying "measure your successes". You don't want to focus on failure. For instance keeping track of the number of ad campaigns that produced no results would only discourage you. But measure the number of successful campaigns and you'll find yourself looking for ways to beat last week's target.

Keep your tracking methods simple. A sheet of graph paper for each stat would work perfectly. I use an excel spread sheet and a bar graph to keep score. I find it easier than trying to keep track of the paper and the graph is a lot easier to update. When I look at a graph of my hit logs for a site, the high points should correspond with more intense promotion of my website. Now I have other ways to market the site but this stat keeps me focused on getting hits to the site and judging by the slump in my graph I am due to send out another promotional campaign to get my hits up. See what I mean.

I suggest you track by week and by month. Daily tracking is good just to keep you aware of how your promotions are going but it is not necessary to graph daily. When you look at your graph after a month or so you can see a trend up or down. If the stat is rising don't change anything just keep on doing what you are doing. If the trend is falling you need to get out and promote like crazy to get that stat back up. What you measure you treasure and that keeps you on track. Start to measure your way to success today.

Jerokiah Darr
Finding the Right Work From Home Opportunity
Author: Jerokiah Darr
Date: 2012-05-26

Finding the Right Work From Home Opportunity

You want to work from home, but you don’t know how to choose the right opportunity.

Sound like you?

I want to share some guidelines that are taught and used by some of the most successful marketers out there

Three important things to look for in an opportunity:

  1. The Right Product
  2. The Right Company
  3. The Right Team

Before I explain each of these any further, make sure you are SERIOUS and not just CURIOUS about making a real income from the comfort of your own home, even if it is just part-time.

First, the right product is something of substantial value, both to you and others. This is something that you will personally use and can believe in. How are other people supposed to believe in something if you don’t use it and believe in it yourself?

Second, the right company must have a proven track record of success, growth and future growth. Are they reputable? And here is an important one, how long have they been in business? Did you know: 85% of all businesses don’t last beyond their first 2 years; and 98% of all business won’t make it past their third year!

Lastly, the right team refers to the individual who refers you to the business. This is a very important step because you want to duplicate a proven system and plug-in to the strategies used by those in your team. If they treat their business as a hobby, it will pay them as such. Chances are, if you have found the first two, you will find the third. However, if you do not, then try to attend some webinars, find someone successful and pick their brain, but don’t give up!

Keep in mind that this business has a learning curve like any other. The good news is, the internet marketing industry is growing with exponential momentum! I have personally been doing this since 2008 with many failures along the way. I prefer to think of them as stepping-stones from which I can learn and adapt though. Thomas Edison attempted 9,999 times before successfully making the light bulb! He didn’t quit, he had a burning desire that fueled his dedication.

Jerokiah Darr
Using Attraction Marketing
Author: Jerokiah Darr
Date: 2012-05-26

Using Attraction Marketing

Positive Network Marketing Attraction

You have probably heard it said that the law of attraction states: You attract like-minded people. If you are negative, think negative and blame others for your situation, you will attract more negative to your life and business. The opposite is just as true. Those with a positive mindset will attract positive people and business.

Seems like a simple concept, just think positive. Well, it really is, that doesn’t mean it is easy though. There are a number of factors in our environment that we cannot control. What we can control however, is how we react to negative circumstances. Here is a typical, everyday example:

You are already late for work but making good time in the fast lane, when someone cuts you off abruptly!

Negative Reaction: “WTF!! That [exploitive] needs to learn how to drive, let me get next to him so I can shake my fist and flip him the bird!”

Positive Reaction: “Whoa! That was a close one, good thing I was paying attention. He probably just didn’t see me.”

Granted, I know that sounds kinda funny, but you will feel much better about yourself having shrugged it off so you can go about your day. Every minute we are mad, we cannot get that back and it just makes us feel bad.

Applying Attraction Marketing to Your Business

One of my favorite business coaches is Dani Johnson. She is a self-made multi-millionaire who has discovered and applied several successful principles to each of her businesses, which has enabled her to flourish. I will share one of them with you here, but I highly recommend you grab a copy of her new book “First Steps to Wealth“, this book allowed me to apply principles to my business with immediate results.

Dani teaches a particular skill she calls F.O.R.M. In business, you would use this method to speak with prospects about your opportunity or products. Basically, it is the same way you would speak to someone you wanted to befriend. You ask about their family, occupation, recreational activities, then tell them about yourself (or your offer). Find out what they want and offer them a solution.

This works much better than trying to ‘sell’ someone on an idea. People have a negative response to that naturally.

Les Stevens
Personal Messaging or the PM system
Author: Les Stevens
Date: 2012-05-08

Personal Messages

One of the really good features of many of the modern traffic exchanges, is the ability to communicate via a PM or Personal Message.

It can be utilized for a very wide variety of subjects, a query on a website or program, to advise someone of an error on their site or splash page, to request information on the viability or cost of a program, or it can be a totally personal thing that you do not wish to display in the main chat.

Additionally, someone may be interested in joining one of your programs or offers and request a joining link. All of these are genuine reasons for using the PM system.

The problem has become, what is commonly called, the spamming of the PM system. Whereby, a person picks out members names at random and sends out a PM willie nilly, blatantly advertising their own website, program or whatever. This is an absolute NO, NO and has to be recognized by TE members as having a totally negative impact on whatever they may be trying to promote in this fashion.

At all times it is important to establish a relationship first and if in doubt, always ask permission to send a PM regarding a particular program or subject.

To summarize this, please use commonsense when using a very valuable means of communication and do not under any circumstance try and batter people over the head with your latest and greatest venture.

Do NOT spam the PM system.

If You would like to read more articles from the authors here then please click their pic to see their site or blog, thanks for reading.

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