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This is a article from my friend Marthe Dumas

It is amazing to see people who want to make money online but don't want to take their wallet out or/and who don't want to work to make money. Even online, the saying "It takes money to make money" is true. Sure, there are possibilities online to make money while being a free member but don't expect to make hundreds of dollars fast that way. Even in pay to click sites, people who make over $100/month, pay for something, their upgrade that is. It seems that the vast majority of people who try to make it online don't
really know what it imply to succeed in that field.. Online marketing is like a business. I have a company offline and I had to put money in it to build it and make it run. Business online is the same except that you can make money with a lot less then it cost to do it offline. But it still cost money.

And like for a business offline, you must work if you want to succeed. Nothing will fall from the sky in a blink of the eye. You must put work, do what the owner of the opportunity or the business tells you to do to get money.

Signing at a place, not paying money and not working won't get anyone anywhere.
Better get a lottery ticket. But, that's right, it takes money to buy them, to buy a dream.

So, prepare yourself a budget that you can use by month, be aware that it can take a few
months before seeing any real result. Find ONE opportunity or a field you would like to work in and fit into your budget; take the time to learn how it works; work your business or opportunity (that means more than 5 minutes a day); brand yourself and if you do all that and don't make money, then you will have the right to complain.

You are new to online marketing and are full of questions? Use the chat in traffic exchange to learn from others. There are always more experience marketers there that will be glad
to give you advices and show you the ropes.


Welcome to Penny Matrix

This is normally not the business I am working with but a good friend of mine introduced it to me and it sounds very great to me.

What if you could build an online business. Where recruiting is not required. So what is so special about this business.

Watch this video

You can if you wish, create a matching bonus as shown in the video. This is called a 2×2 matrix which means you only have to find two people to join you and when they reach the magic $6000+ then you get exactly the same in bonus. Only two people need find two people and so on and your matrix builds.

So depending on your need on wanting a lot of money. You can either buy your people and build your matrix OR find two who want to do the same and your income then explodes into something far more than you had wished for. As your saw, even if you wanted just $1000 a month it is easily attainable.

Since the start up of this matrix it has improved? Remember those spaces you saw, well that has now gone. We now have spillover which means people will be filled into those spaces without you do anything. Now I bet your excited!

What else is there?

A video to explain it better for those who like the chalk board

What else is there?

Your probably wondering how you can buy people to join your business. How would you like 1000′s of recruiters working for you to build your business and this is the secret of this power full business.

Tracy Davison had a thought and from that thought. How could he build an organization so big that not even he could handle the influx and at the same time offer something so unique that gave massive employment to so many who in turn could also make an amazing amount of money.

So there you have it a call center to help your business in the Philippine’s and at the same time helping thousands of Filipinos have employment and happy families.

Did you know that so many Philippians leave the country because of massive unemployment. Tracy Davison has now created a huge employment base for so many and given hope to so many.


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Welcome to Bannersbroker

What is Bannersbroker?

Banners Broker connects advertisers with quality leads and publishers with relevant advertisements. The end result is a coordinated network that increases client sales and enhances publishers' advertising revenues. Unlike other ad networks online, Banners Broker also offers an integrated solution that caters to both the advertiser and publisher. This is called our Combo Package. It enables you to advertise your business on numerous websites in our network and at the same time, earn advertising revenues as a publisher through specialized and targeted publisher sites created by Banners Broker. The Banners Broker business model is designed to help companies take advantage of our extensive network of high quality publishers and big-budget advertisers. It's impossible not to earn money with this company. Click the Banner below to join for FREE and watch the tutorials.
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